Filling open positions with quality drivers

If you’re within a 200 mile radius of Lake Alfred, FL, contact us when you need to fill any type of position within your company.

We’re here to fill open positions when the unexpected happens like someone calls in sick, when your staff takes vacation, or when your workload fluctuates. And when you’re facing startup or re-staffing projects our drivers are ready to go.

For whatever and whenever you may need them, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, Mahoney 1 Trucking LLC is committed to the safety of our drivers and the companies they represent. Each driver comes to you with a passed drug screen test and current copy of his or her DOT qualification file.

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Below is a list of our qualifications for drivers:

• Current CDL
• Current motor vehicle report
• Pre-employment NIDA drug testing
• Fully licensed, insured and bonded

• Comprehensive employment background check
• Minimum 23 years of old
• Minimum one year verified driving in past three years
• Verified and documented DOT qualification file

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We require a copy of your medic card and driver's license.

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